Buy UK provisional driving licence in 48 hours

Are you below the age of 16 and need to purchase  provisional driving licence online? It ends here! Here, MDL we get you a provisional driving licence in less than 48 hours irrespective of your previous conditions. We clearly can bypass all obstacles which blocked you from the normal process to get you the licence in less than no time. You also can order a US provisional license from us.

A provisional driving licence lis valid for 10 years. After you pass your theory test, you have 2 years to take your practical driving test. Our agency has years of experience in providing authentic, reliable, and secure driving licenses to our clients.

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What is a provisional licence?

A provisional license is a license with special conditions. They are also referred to as a provisional instruction permit. And, more casually, they sometimes called a learner’s permit. No one can assure you have sufficient practice hours, but a provisional license gives you an opportunity to practice driving. As its name goes, this licence has a limited time of use. Purchase Provisional Driving Licence Online in just two days!

How to Apply for your first provisional driving licence 

You can easily order a provisional licence here at MDL by applying for it online. Get your first provisional driving licence for a car, motorbike, moped or other vehicle from DVLA online. To apply you must:

  • Be at least 15 years and 9 months old
  • Be able to read a number plate from 20 metres away
  • Bave legally lived in the UK for at least 185 days in total in the past 12 months

Things to bear in mind:

-You can only start driving a car at the age of 17.
-At 16 you can start riding a moped or a quad bike.
-If you receive the Enhanced -Rate of the Mobility Component of the Personal Insurance Payment (PIP), you can start driving a car at 16.