Dokumentumok kifizetése Bitcoin-on keresztül

Pay for documents via Bitcoin

Are yo versed with Bitcoin? It’s the most reliable crypto currency. It is the fastest and most secure payment method we recommend to our clients when they order for documents. If you want your documents done very quickly, we recommend you use Bitcoin. We also accept Ethereum, Lite coin, USDT, Dogecoin etc. You can now also use $CashApp to buy bitcoin directly. There are also many trusted websites from which you can buy bitcoin using your bank card or account:, coinbase, or via Swish in Sweden etc.

All you need to do is to contact us and ask for a wallet address. After the transaction send us a screenshot of the payment.

Dokumentumok kifizetése banki átutalással, Visa kártyával

Pay for documents via Bank Transfer

For bank to Bank transfers, you just need to kapcsolatfelvétel and ask for account details. After payment you send us a receipt right away for confirmation.

Dokumentumok kifizetése Ria Money-on keresztül
Dokumentumok kifizetése Western Unionon keresztül

Pay for documents via Ria/ Western Union/ Moneygram

Contact us here to get the details where to send money for your documents. These payment methods are also fast and reliable.

Dokumentumok kifizetése Moneygramon keresztül
Pay for documents with gift cards

Pay for documents with gift cards

We accept all kinds of gift cards.  You just need to buy the gift cards worth the amount to be paid. You then send the photos of the gift cards front and back to [email protected] or better still kapcsolatfelvétel