Where To Buy Real Estate Land Documents in USA

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Legal Documents Required While Buying Property in USA for sale

You can order the following documents here if you need to purchase property in North America. All is possible here at MDL.

1. Title Deed 2. Encumbrance Certificate 3. Master Plan 4. House Plan Approval 5. Agriculture to Non-Agricultural Land Conversion Certificate 6. Land Use Certificate 7. No Objection Certificate 8. Commencement Certificate 9. Property Tax Receipts 10. Sale Deed

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How To Buy Real estate documents and Land Titles in Germany, Europe in just 1 week

Dreaming of settling in a Bavarian farmhouse or a renovated warehouse studio in Berlin? Our guide to buying a house or land documents in Germany explains how to make those dreams come true, from the legal requirements to the fees, and where to search for your new German home. While most countries swing strongly in favor of either renting or buying your home, the options are balanced in Germany. Just under half of the population owning their own homes, the second-lowest rate in Europe after Switzerland. From finding a house in Germany to signing the contract, this guide takes you through the process of buying a German property and avoid some of the common pitfalls of homeownership abroad.

Who Can Buy a property in Germany, Europe?

In Germany, anybody can buy real estate who has a valid passport and the purchase funds that will be needed. Owning a property in Germany does not give one a right to immigrate to the country, however. So if you intend to buy property in Germany in order to live here, make sure first to get a visa for being a permanent resident in the country. For the sole process of buying the property, in particular signing the necessary documents, no special visa or other permits are required. Поръчайте сега

Otherwise the necessary preparations as to finding and examining the property do not differ significantly from the US or the UK. Depending on the size of the investment a thorough research should be undertaken as to the location, first of all. This is likely to be the most important aspect nowadays. The price which the seller requires to be paid needs to be verified carefully, preferably with a surveyor or an estimator, or by comparing similar objects. Costs of a value estimation are usually borne by the party buying the real estate. In some cases, the estate agent involved in the sales process has already an estimation of price in his files.


Buying a German property. Expect to spend a significant period house hunting, but once you’ve found a property it can take just over a month to complete the deal. The steps are typically as follows: 1. Investigate mortgages and get an offer in principle. 2. Find a suitable property. 3. Make an offer. 4. The notary (notar) will draw up the sale contract. 5. Finalize the mortgage. 6. Sign the contract. 7. Notary registers the sale. 8. Four weeks later, you must pay the property sale tax.